Yankees Manager Aaron Boone's Unfair Exit

Yankees Manager Aaron Boone's Unfair Exit... Referee: “It’s All the Coach’s Responsibility”

Referee Wendelstedt orders manager to leave in response to Yankees fan protest.

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone was ejected for the 35th time in his career.

Coach Boone's ejection is not unfamiliar, but his 35th ejection left behind controversy.

Manager Boone was ordered to leave in the top of the first inning of the home game against the Oakland Athletics held at Yankee Stadium in New York on the 23rd (Korean time).

Although Coach Boone did not 'directly protest' during the ejection situation, referee Hunter Wendelstedt kicked Coach Boone out of the ground, saying, "The manager must be responsible for all situations that occur in the dugout." 바카라사이트

In the Oakland offense in the top of the first inning, the first batter, Esteuri Luis, was hit on the top of his right foot by Yankees starter Carlos Rodon's fourth pitch.

At this time, Director Boone raised his arms and protested.

Coach Boone's argument was, "Since Lewis swung, he should be judged 'swing' even if he was hit by the pitcher's ball."

However, umpire Wendelstedt checked with the first base umpire to see if there was a swing and ruled that the ball hit the body.

A warning was also given to Director Boone.

Rodon threw the first pitch to Tyler Nevin, the second batter, and umpire Wendelstedt looked at the Yankees dugout and ordered Manager Boone to leave.

Coach Boone pointed to the top of the dugout and protested, “I didn’t say anything,” before approaching the referee.

Referee Wendelstedt responded, "I know you didn't yell at me, but I have to do my job."

Despite coach Boone's repeated protests, the referee maintained a high-handed attitude, saying, "No matter who protested, you are sent off."

In the screen provided by MLB.com, a fan sitting above the Yankees dugout expressed his dissatisfaction loudly.

Ultimately, the fan's protest led to the coach's exit.

Coach Boone said, "Even when the ball was judged to have hit Lewis' body, I agreed to the referee, 'Yes, you can make that decision.'

I didn't say anything when I was sent off.

I was so embarrassed.

I raised the issue."

“I plan to do it,” he said.

After the game, umpire Wendelstedt said, "I know Coach Boone didn't complain to me, but I had to proceed with the game and hold him accountable for what happened in the Yankees dugout.

I have no problem with the ejection order."

“I think,” he said.

On this day, the Yankees lost 0-2 in the absence of their manager.

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