The Future of Korean Sports Revealed

The younger brothers shined as brightly as their older brothers at the National Sports Festival... The future of Korean sports revealed

Lee Jae-sung, Joel Jin, swimming, Heo Yeon-kyung, Choi Kang-in, etc.

At the 104th Jeonnam National Sports Festival, promising players who performed more impressively than their older brothers raised expectations for the future of Korean sports.

In the basic sport of track and field, only one Korean record was set, perhaps because this competition was held in colder-than-expected weather.

While the general-level players, who should be at the forefront of setting new records, faltered somewhat, there were several noteworthy results in the college and high school divisions.

Lee Jae-seong (Korea National Sport University), a promising sprinter who won three gold medals in the men's college division, recorded better records than his seniors in the general division in two of the events. 온라인카지노사이트

Jaeseong Lee won the men's college 100m final on the 15th with a time of 10.32 seconds.

The next day, he won his second gold medal in the men's college 200m final with a time of 20.70 seconds.

In the men's 100m, Kim Kuk-young (Gwangju City Hall) won with 10.35 seconds, 0.03 seconds slower than Lee Jae-seong, and in the 200m, Ko Seung-hwan (Gwangju City Hall) won with 20.76 seconds, 0.06 seconds slower than him.

Even if Lee Jae-seong had raced in the general division, he would have won all of these events.

At least in terms of this competition, Lee Jae-seong was a ‘younger brother who was better than his older brothers.’

Lee Jae-seong also won the men's college 400m relay on the 17th, earning gold medals in all events in which he competed.

Lee Jae-seong, who made his name known by collaborating with seniors such as Kim Guk-young, Ko Seung-hwan, and Lee Jeong-tae (Anyang City Hall) to win a bronze medal in the men's 400m relay at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, which closed this month, will run on the corporate stage starting next year.

The team to join is Gwangju City Hall, a 'short-distance team' that includes Kim Kuk-young and Ko Seung-hwan.

Veteran seniors such as Kim Kuk-young are smiling brightly, saying that they will pass on the know-how to run faster with Lee Jae-seong, the ‘rising sun’.

Namadi Joel Jin (Gimpo Jeil Technical High School), who is gaining speed in the men's high school division as Lee Jae-seong's 'next generation', also showed clear growth.

He won the men's high school 200m final with a new competition record of 21.04 seconds.

The previous record (21.06 seconds) set by Park Tae-gun in 2009 was shortened by 0.02 seconds for the first time in 14 years.

Joel Jin also won the men's high school 100m race, reaching the finish line in 10.45 seconds in the preliminaries, setting a new competition record.

Joel Jin, a multicultural teenager born to a Korean mother and a Nigerian father, is dreaming of going beyond the Korean record and challenging the world stage.

Kim Tae-hee (Iri Technical High School), the ‘hope’ of women’s throwing, also won the women’s high school division by setting a new record in the competition.

Taehee Kim threw 60m22 in the final, showing a huge gap of about 9m over the second place athlete.

Kim Tae-hee won her bronze medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games, her first adult international competition, setting her own Korean record of 64m14.

Even in swimming, which has emerged as a 'child's sport', 'scary high school students' have attracted attention.

Choi Kang-in (Yulgok High School), a promising diving star born in 2006, won five diving gold medals at the National Sports Festival in 14 years.

He won the men's high school 10m platform, diving synchro 10m platform, diving synchro 3m, 1m springboard, and 3m springboard.

There are a total of five events in which diving athletes can participate in the National Sports Festival, and they won gold medals in all of them.

In management, Heo Yeon-kyung (Bangsan High School) won the women's high school 50m freestyle with a new Korean record of 24.97 seconds.

She shortened Jeong So-eun's record (25.08 seconds) from the 2019 National Sports Festival by 0.11 seconds.

Heo Yeon-kyung set new competition records three times, and she also won five gold medals.

She graced the last national sports festival of her high school days.

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