Snowboarder Chaewoon Lee, Halfpipe Gold Medal

Youth Olympics Snowboarder Chaewoon Lee, Halfpipe Gold Medal… 2 Awards Stand Tall

Lee Chae-woon becomes Korea's second double winner in figure skating, following Kim Hyun-gyeom.

Ezio 5th place, women Choi Seo-woo 10th place.

Lee Chae-woon (Suri High School), the star of Korean snowboarding, won two gold medals at the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games (Gangwon 2024) by winning the halfpipe event as expected. 온라인카지노

Lee Chae-woon won the gold medal by scoring 88.50 points in the Gangwon 2024 Snowboard Men's Halfpipe Final held at the Welli Hilli Park Ski Resort in Hoengseong, Gangwon-do on the 1st.

As a result, Lee Chae-woon won his second gold medal in this competition following the men's slopestyle event on the 25th of last month, becoming the second Korean athlete to win two gold medals following Kim Hyun-gyeom, who won both the men's figure skating single and team events.

Including Lee Chae-woon and her figure team event on this day, the total number of gold medals won by the Korean team in this competition increased to seven.

Lee Chae-woon is already a world-class athlete in this sport, having already reached the top of the youngest ever record (16 years and 10 months) at the International Ski Federation (FIS) World Championships in March last year, and showed superior skills at the Youth Olympics where he competes with athletes of his age.

I brought a gold medal.

This season, he won a silver medal and a bronze medal in the halfpipe at the World Cup last month, and won gold medals in both events at this competition held at home.

After gaining experience as the youngest member of the Korean team at the 2022 Beijing Games on the adult Winter Olympics stage, he grew into a world-class border skater and expressed his hope of competing at the Milan-Cortina d'Ampezzo Winter Olympics, which is two years away.

Snowboard halfpipe is a competition in which judges score aerial performances such as turns and jumps on a semi-cylindrical slope to determine rankings.

In Gangwon 2024, all participating athletes performed in the first and second periods of the preliminary round, and the top 10 advanced to the finals and competed for medals in three periods.

In both the preliminaries and finals, rankings are determined based on the highest score among the scores earned by a player in each period as the final score, without averaging or adding up.

Lee Chae-woon, who was scheduled to participate in the Big Air held on the 27th and 28th of last month but was unable to compete due to an injury during training, announced his recovery by winning 89.50 points in the preliminaries and taking first place overall.

He warmed up easily by receiving 87.25 points, which is equivalent to first place overall, in the first period of the finals.

The wind was a bit strong, so he waited a while before performing the 4th round at the beginning of the second period.

With stable performances, he raised his score to 88.50 points and maintained the lead.

In the third period, the players who performed earlier failed to come up, and while the victory was already confirmed, Lee Chae-woon, who came last, performed a leisurely 'self-congratulatory performance'.

Following Lee Chae-un, Alessandro Balvieri (USA, 84.75 points) and Yamada Ryusei (Japan, 83.00 points) took silver and bronze medals.

Lee Ji-oh (Yangpyeong Middle School) advanced to the finals in 6th place in the preliminary round and placed 5th in the finals (79.50 points).

In the women's halfpipe, where Choi Ga-on (Sehwa Girls' Middle School), who was considered a favorite for the championship, was unable to participate due to an injury, Rise Kudo (90.75 points)

Sara Shimizu (84.50 points, Japan), and Rura Beek (Switzerland, 78.00 points) won gold, silver, and gold, respectively.

Won the bronze medal.

Korea's Choi Seo-woo (Yonghyeon Girls' Middle School) advanced to the finals in 10th place in the preliminary round and placed 10th in the finals (40.75 points).

Younghyun Heo (Maehol Middle School) finished the preliminaries in 15th place.

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