Short Track Park Ji-won and Kim Gil-li, 'Chorus' Overall Victory

Short Track Park Ji-won and Kim Gil-li, 'Chorus' Overall Victory in Men's and Women's World Cup

Park Ji-won won the 'Crystal Globe' for two consecutive years... Gilly Kim's first award.

Park Ji-won (Seoul City Hall) and Kim Gil-li (Seongnam City Hall) of the Korean short track team won the overall championship in the men's and women's divisions in the 2023-2024 International Skating Union (ISU) World Cup series and became the protagonists of the 'Crystal Glove'.

Park Ji-won recorded 1 minute 28.193 seconds in the men's 1,000m final of the 6th competition of the 2023-2024 ISU Short Track World Cup held in Gdansk, Poland on the 19th (Korean time), beating teammate Kim Geon-woo (Sports Toto, 1 minute 28.304 seconds) by 0.111.

He beat him by a second and won the gold medal. 카지노사이트

Park Ji-won, who raced with Kim Geon-woo and Jang Seong-woo (Korea University) in the finals, took the lead at the start and won the gold medal without allowing a single overtake.

Kim Geon-woo also tried to overtake Park Ji-won in the last corner before the finish line, but had to be satisfied with the silver medal.

Park Ji-won also participated in the final of the 5,000m men's relay team with Kim Geon-woo, Jang Seong-woo, and Kim Tae-seong (Seoul City Hall), helping Korea (6:55.915) take second place after Canada (6:55.577).

Park Geon-woo, who won one gold medal and one silver medal in this tournament, has a total score of 1,071 points in this season's World Cup rankings, beating his rival Stephen Dubois (Canada, 1,052 points) by 19 points and taking first place in the men's division.

Lifted the ‘Crystal Globe’ for two consecutive years.

Last season, Park Geon-woo won a total of 1,068 points in the World Cup rankings, becoming the first recipient of the 'Crystal Glove' introduced by the ISU to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the World Cup, and experienced the joy of winning the award for two consecutive years.

Park Ji-won showed off her best skills by winning five gold medals (three in the 1,000 m, one in the 1,500 m, and one in the 5,000 m relay) in six World Cup series this season.

Park Ji-won said on the ISU website, "I knew I had to hold on after taking the lead in the 1,000m final.

I wasn't nervous and only cared about winning.

I believed in myself.

I am happy to receive the award for the second year in a row, she said.

In the women's 1,000m final, Gilly Kim crossed the finish line with a record of 1:33.037, defeating Kristin Santos-Griswold (USA, 1:32.944).

Kim Gil-li also participated in the women's 3,000m relay with Lee So-yeon (Sports Toto), Seo Hwi-min (Korea University), and Shim Seok-hee (Seoul City Hall), with Korea (4:13.394) defeating the Netherlands (4:13.319). )

Kim Gil-li, who won two silver medals in this competition, has a total score of 1,211 points in this season's World Cup ranking, pushing out Kristin Santos-Griswold (1,180 points) by 31 points and taking the overall lead in the women's division.

She ranked first and won her first 'Crystal Glove'.

Gilly Kim took the top spot in the women's division by sweeping seven gold medals (three in the 1,000 m and four in the 1,500 m) in this season's World Cup series.

Gilly Kim said on the ISU website: “I am so happy that it is not easy to express my feelings in words,” he said.

“My goal was to become the best.

It doesn’t feel real yet.

“The next goal is to win the World Championships,” she stressed.

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