Korean Womens Archery, Asian Games 7th Consecutive Victory

‘AG 7th Consecutive Victory’ Korean Women’s Archery “Thanks to the Youngest” “Thanks to the Older Sisters”

Im Si-hyeon and Ansan Choi Mi-seon harvest 'gold' in archery recurve women's team event

The Korean women's archery team's 7th consecutive victory in the Asian Games team event is the result of the national team's perfect teamwork.

The national team, consisting of Im Si-hyeon (20), An San (22), and Choi Mi-seon (27), defeated China with a set score of 5-3 in the final of the women's archery recurve team event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at the archery range at the Puyang Inhu Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 6th. won. 바카라사이트

This is a record of 7 consecutive wins in the women's recurve team event since the 1998 Bangkok Games.

Her youngest, Im Si-hyun, won her second gold medal of the event, following the gold medal in the mixed gender event she teamed up with Lee Woo-seok (26).

The players showed fantastic chemistry in the finals that day as well.

Even if one player made a mistake, the next player did not waver and scored well, resulting in the win.

The last 4 sets are representative.

'Olympic triple gold medalist' Ansan faced a crisis as Korea's fourth shot hit 8 points.

However, Choi Mi-sun and Si-hyeon Im were able to escape the crisis by scoring 10 points in succession.

China was shaken, perhaps because it was overwhelmed by Korea's momentum.

The Chinese players in Saero collapsed, shooting two 8-pointers.

Im Si-hyeon has been the last and most important shooter ever since the quarterfinals.

In the final, he showed incredible concentration by hitting 6 out of 8 arrows for 10 points.

He smiled brightly, saying, “We worked out hard together, so I shot with the intention of finishing well and coming out, and I went in well.”

Ansan praised his teammate for winning the gold medal, saying, “Thanks to (Lim) Si-hyeon.”

He said, "I went up with the mindset of, 'Let's not just shoot for 8 points.

Let's only get within 9 points,' but I was very angry and upset when I shot 8 points in a situation where I was not satisfied with the scores in the first to third sets," and "I am glad that I finished well from behind." He said.

Im Si-hyeon then said, "Absolutely not."

She said with a flushed face, "I don't think that the reason I was able to shoot like that was because my sisters did a good job in front of me."

After the 1998 Bangkok Games, Korean women's

archery She has never missed a gold medal.

“Eldest sister” Choi Mi-sun said, “I just found out that we achieved our 7th consecutive victory,” and pledged, “I am so happy that we can continue this record, and we will work hard to achieve our 8th consecutive victory.”

Ansan and Im Si-hyeon will face off in the women's individual finals held on the 7th.

When Choi Mi-sun was asked, 'Who do you think will win?' she waved her hands and said, "I don't know either."

If Lim Si-hyun wins, she will become the first Asian Games archer to win three archery medals since the 1986 Seoul Games, with 12 gold medals in archery.

Ansan, who won her first Olympic triple gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, will be competing for her first Asian Games individual medal.

Ansan said, “The two players talked about having fun and not feeling pressured because the Korean player will win no matter what game they play.”

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