Coach Kim Tae-hyung First Order to the Lotte Players

Coach Kim Tae-hyung's first order to the Lotte players: "We must become stronger than the opponent."

“Young players should build their bodies through baseball, not weight training.”

What Taehyung Kim (55), the new manager of the Lotte Giants, emphasized most at the inauguration ceremony on the 24th was “aggressive baseball.”

At his first meeting with the entire Lotte team, he presented specific plans for playing aggressive baseball.

Coach Kim said at the team meeting held at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae on the 25th, "When players play, they must be confident (in their abilities) to play aggressively.

To do that, they must be stronger than their opponents. 카지노사이트

Players must work hard."

Everyone attended the team meeting, which also served as a final training session, except for Jeon Jun-woo and Ahn Chi-hong, who are prospective free agents.

Coach Kim started a new start at Lotte with a firm handshake with the players, coaches, and all club staff.

Coach Kim joked, “I shouldn’t give energy to the players, but the young players should give me energy (with a handshake),” and added, “When I saw it from the outside, the Lotte players were very passionate.

“I made every play to the best of my ability,” he said.

It is often said that baseball is a 'mental game' where mental strength is important, but it is the body that must be prepared before strong mental strength.

Director Kim Tae-hyung is a leader who emphasizes this.

Coach Kim said, "When a slump comes, there are many players who only think about it with their head.

They have to use their bodies to see where their limits are.

I want to emphasize that they have to feel it with their body and with their skin."

Here, he even added that we should be wary of 'weight training universalism'.

Coach Kim said, "They say you build your body through weight training during the winter, but that's absolutely not how you build your body.

A baseball player must build his body through baseball."

He added, "Veteran players can prepare with weights, but rookie-level players have to build their body through baseball."

“I do it,” he emphasized.

Also, towards rookie players Yoon Dong-hee and Kim Min-seok, who have established themselves in the first team this year, he said, "You have to let go of the illusion that they will do a little better next year than they are now.

Since they played in the first team and their faces are a little known, they can feel relaxed even if they don't talk about it."

“I understand,” he ordered to arm himself mentally.

There is another thing that Coach Kim emphasized to his players.

He warned that he would not sit idly by if excessive personal feelings were shown on the pitch and harmed the team atmosphere.

Coach Kim said, "Every coach will tell you that you have to do your best.

I tend to strongly (restrain) people from revealing personal emotions or personal actions.

I think the players will do well on their own."

There are also players who showed personal affection.

Coach Kim shook hands with Han Dong-hee, a key hitter who had a difficult year this year, and then gently stroked her cheek.

Coach Kim said, “It must have been a lot of emotional distress, but I hope to have an easy time next year with the mindset of ‘I will do better than this year.’

Then, good results will come out.”

Regarding Jin Seung-hyeon, the son of KIA Tigers coach Jin Gap-yong , he smiled and said,

"I've seen him since he was a baby.

Now he's dead."

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